4 for 4 !




Anthrax Mike






A big day for 4 in the holes on July 18th at two separate venues. 

Anthrax Mike and Lou both sunk in their first 4 in the holes at Marc's by the pond.  Ray finished off the night with one of his own.  Doubles matches were played thoughout the night with 3 baggers by Lou M, Elvis and Suzanne as well as the other regulars.

Just down the road at Jerry's, 6 other ranked baggers attended the girls softball party with baggers from other hoods.  With Jerry as his partner, Petie got 4 in, the first to sign on Jerry's boxes, but still lost the match.  Two non sanctioned 16 player partners tournaments were played with Petie and Beth, and Petie and Deb coming out on top.

Great day for bags on a chilly July evening.