Baggers with "4 in the hole"



So why is it called Sign The Box you say?

Simple, if any player gets all four of their bags in the hole in any given round (MUST BE DONE IN A SANCTIONED EVENT.. a sanctioned event is when someone over 16 yrs old is either playing or a witness to the four in the hole),  they get to sign the box in permanent marker/paint/whatever in a color and location of their choice, no matter whose box it is.




   8-16  Ray signed at Rubes and Petie signed "way from the hood" again  
8-2-08  The boys returned from Rubes inaugural Spackler Classic and Petie spent all day getting his back yard ready for bags.  Some of the golfers were definitely tired from a long day of activity in the sun as a few bailed out early in the night.   We did set two new records for the hood.  Ray signs the box four times and Ray/Rubes get 7/8 in one half inning for a new record.
7-26-08   Mr Ray-vs-Petie in a game of total points, first to 21, Mr Ray signed Hansens box for #13 just before he realized he had the #1 pick for the first time ever in a Fantasy Football League.  We had the dual topless toss and Lou came up with a name for a bag that pushes another in--snowball toss.  The pink flamingo disappeared that night.   Brent L. was DJ extraordinaire, with assistance from Beam.
7-24-08  There were not one, not two, three or four signings, there were five in the short night.  In a two hour span, Acuff regained some of his status by sinking 4-in-the-hole once as did DH.  But Mr. Ray, without brown, signed Acuff's boxes three times.  Despite some outside static, all five stand.  Jerry was oh so close a few times, but just can't seal the deal.

7-19-08  There were no cameras at the festivities, so we had to dig in the archives for the two baggers who did it. Dave Hansen signs Sharky's box for #3 on his resume and then does it again on Mark's virgin box for #4.  Not to be outdone by the #1 bagger Dave H, Mr. Ray, amongst a few trips into the bushes, gathers his ninth 4-in-the-hole.  There were numerous three baggers and even Mrs. Evans had a shot to sign it, but got a little excited and overshot the box..  The dragon did not come out!

7-12-08  Petie signs his brothers Sox/Cubs personalized box for his third signing.  There have been whispers that Mr. Ray has been trying to thwart Peties' box signing.  Let's set the record straight.(MUST BE DONE IN A SANCTIONED EVENT.. a sanctioned event is when someone over 16 yrs old is either playing or a witness to the four in the hole) Barb Peterson was a witness and a top 20 bagger.  We all hope Petie signs the box ten more times...go Petie!
7-1-08 Ray signs Hansens box.  A board meeting turned into a midnight bag session.  Marc taught us all about the bird bath and the flying squirrel.  Rubes made an appearance and flexed his muscles to climb back up the rankings.  Tom Massey also made a solid statement and cracked the top 20.

6-28-08  Dave Hansen signs Peties box.  There was some crying heard in the background when Barb threw the Playgirl in the fire.  Brent Lightfeet switched to the pizza toss and was holding his own.  Lots of brown and beer consumed.

6-21-08  Ray signs the box for the 7th time and Aurora PD makes an appearance.  Bag playing goes on even after visit.  Mikey Mo comes off the DL, but ends up wearing himself out and falling asleep standing up and then in the chair.  Good to see him out bagging again.  Hansen continues his doubles dominance.

6-15-08   Ray signs the box for a 5th and 6th time. Cooler races, herb training, stake removal, 80's Dance Party, Hall and Oates, Jerry almost did it, Hansen like 10 three baggers, pee breaks, doubles dominance by Hansen and Ray, Beam and Petie make an appearance, beer flowing, shots issued, but backfired on Lou and Mark, hemorrhoid toss, fly boy and hole seeker established...good times.




6-7-08  Last two 4-in-the holers have done it out back of LeRoux's.  Last night under balmy, windy conditions, Ray pushed his third bag into the hole with the fourth into a 10-15mph wind and numerous beverages.  It was overheard by a few that Mr. LeRoux thought that he and Lou could take down Hansen and Ray if they went downstairs for a shot.  Little did Mark know that Brown is Ray's source of power and it backfired on Mark.  Also, that night, there was a hemorrhoid toss.  Four bags were jammed into the hole, but not one fell in.  In addition to the excitement from 4-in-the-hole, Hansen and Ray continued their dominance  in team action by going 11-0 for a combined 23-1 in their past 24 games with 6 shutouts.  Bring it Acuff!




4-15-08   Congrats to "Mr. 3 bagger" popping the          cherry ...multiple distractions and 10-15 mph wind        coming off the lake.

   Plainfield KofC Tournament Jan 2008  


Petie was let down by his partner Ray. Ray could not adjust to the hack boxes and Petie carried him through to the second round where he put 4-in-the-hole, but was not allowed to sign the box.


Ray on his way to his third different box signed.  His goal in life is to ultimately sign everyone's box in the hood.  Keep dreamin'pal!


2007 Summer Block Party

At the second annual block party, sipping on gin and juice, Acuff puts four in the hole in Sharky's box and decides to write an epitaph...GAY!   Brandon was the first to get 4-in-the-hole once, twice and thrice



5-15-07   Out front at Ruby's "under the lights", Ray bullies his way to a one on one victory with four in the hole in the custom Iowa boxes. 


4-29-07   Petie was the first to gather four in the hole with assistance.  Kristy gets the first assist in the hood with her last bag pushing Peties fourth bag sitting on the board in the hole



4-21-07  At an Evan's bash out front, Ray, amongst numerous daytime distractions, puts four in the hole in Andy's custom White Sox logo'd boxes.  Overheard in the distance is Joanne saying he'd better not sign the top of that box or I'll kill you Andy.  Thus Ray was the first to sign the side of the box to prevent death




4-20-07Acuff not only does it once in the night, but is the first to "do it" twice.  He said "do it".  The boxes were unsanded and to some raw.... more remarkable, not once, but twice within a 20 minute span he hit 4 in the hole on his own box. During this streak, he also hit 5 in a row at one point and had several 3 in the hole and Dave H. also had a 3 in the hole later on that night. Interesting note: On the second 4 in the hole, Dave H. and Ray came back from like a 20-3 deficit to beat John ( oh where did he go?)and Brandon!