Name Rules
Texas Hold'em If you don't know how to play by now leave immediately by clicking HERE..
A-Town Same as Hold'em except you get 3 cards instead of 2.  You can use up to 2 cards in your hand.
A-Town Flex Same as A-Town but you can use all 3cards.  A gay waving gesture of the hand signals this game.
B-Town Same at A-Town Flex, but you get 4 cards and you can use all 4.
P-Town Buy Back Like A-Town (you get 3 cards), but you must immediately put one face down in front of you and can not use it.  You can buy it back after the flop, turn or river for a determined price.  If you do buy back you must place another card down, hence you can only use 2 cards in your hand.
J-Town A made up game by Jerry in which the rules are made up as the game is in play and is usually very confusing, even to Jerry.