2010 Rankings

Rankings are based on a COMBINATION of Wins, 4 in the holes, and over all consensus of Top Baggers.

Rank Bagger Name Comments
1 Ray Still number one.
2 Petie Petie back in the 2 spot after the Dave's once again can't be beat in doubles...
3 Lou Hansen the 3 bagger moves back up to 3.
4   Lou moves down after having just a good average night on the 3rd.
5   Elvis moves up to the 5 spot not because he scored is 1st 4 in the hole on July 3, but because he is simply better than anyone else below.
6 Jerry Better start showing.
7 Rubes At his best when he carries Brandon. 
8 Marc L Takes forever to throw a bag when he is drunk, and misses by a wide margin.
9 Brandon IR.
10 Sharky Same as always.
11 Anthrax Mike Played late and had some good moments.
12 Lori Best girl bagger in 2009, shows why in 2010 with a solid start.
13 Rich DNP
14 Brent This guy always shows and always plays, gotta like that.
15 Mikey Moe Played early, said he is done with bags....
16 Lou M Still Unknown?
17 Brian Played on 5-30-10?
18 Josh Needs more work
19 Deb Had a good Memorial Day weekend
20 Amy DNP
21 Deana Played. Poorly.
22 Domi DNP
23 Barb Played some over the weekend.
24 Kristy Did ok, for first of the season.
25 Kim Nothing about a year.
26 Suzanne Got one in the hole.
27 Teri DNP
28 Tara DNP
998 Tracy DNP

Un Ranked Baggers