So why is it called Sign The Box you say?

Simple, if any player gets all four of their bags in the hole in any given round, they get to sign the box in the location of their choice, no matter whose box it is.

2008 4 in the Hole Highlights   

2009 Members

Due to hostile activity of web site only sanctioned signings shall be listed.

  Tournament Team Play with Hood Members Singles Match Total
Petie 1 11   12
Ray   8 1 9
Dave   2   2
Anthrax Mike   1   1
Lou Y   1   1
Marc   1   1
Jeff   1   1
Sharky   1   1


Date Name Comments Pictures
March Petie Petie was the first to put 4-in-the hole in 2008 (K of C tourney) and the first to do it in 2009.  Out front of So's home, Petie willed his way to 4-in-the-hole on the unsigned boxes.  Some (JERRY EVANS) say that this was not a "sanctioned" event because there were no adult beverages flowing. I think before 8PM is Petie's best time to play bags.  With Petie signing Ry's box, this makes #6 in his illustrious career tying him with Dave Hansen.
4-18-09 Petie Petie leads the hood 2-0 for the season with a signing at the bird bath.
May Petie Petie takes a 3-0 lead with the first toss of the game, signing at the Crawl fish boil.
May Ray Mr Ray signs Petie's box with a helping hand from David Hansen.  First of the season for Mr Ray.  Mr Topbagger was no where in site for any 4-in-the-holes.  Darkness and alcohol are Peties kryptonite.
May Marc Quietly Mr. Leroux signs Rubys' box to get himself into the club.  At midnight Petie kicks all his brotha's out of his yard and takes his bags (well Jerry took his bags) and went inside.  CONGRATS to the newest member of the 4-in-the-hole club.  Got brown???
6-12-09 Ray Ray, in the light, signs Hanson's box.
6-12-09 Petie Petie, not to be out done, does it under the lights at night, and while drinking, proving the nay-sayers wrong.
6-12-09 Ray Ray comes right back and does it again.  There are so many bags piled up in the hole the last one won't even fit, but it was clearly in.
6-14-09 Ray Ray ties the Sanctioned race with a singles match on Petie's boards
6-20-09 Petie Petie gets the only signage of a long night at the Pre-Fathers Day extravaganza.  Petie nails his first bag, puts his 2nd and 3rd over the hole, then shoots a fly boy over the top to sink all three for his 5th signing of the year.
7-12-09 Petie Petie attempts to sink all 4 in on his last throw but falls two short.  Dave's throw sinks in Petie's last two to help him to a very cheep 4 in the hole.  Thanks Dave.
7-12-09 Petie Petie comes back later in the day to sink 4 in unassisted.  More than one have said of some of the signings:  "If we played bags as much as you guys we would have more 4 in the holes as well".  The retort here is: "Well, start playing, and do it then" 
7-18-09 Petie Peite gets four in the hole on Jerry's Virgin boards, yet still loses the match to two very good players, from another hood, in Brian Ford and Mark Osta.
7-18-09 Anthrax Mike The Tea Bagger, gets his first 4 in the hole using his unorthodox throwing style. 
7-18-09 Lou Y. Lou also sinks his first 4 in the hole to join the club.
7-18-09 Ray Ray, not to be outdone by the newbie's, sinks 4 more in, later in the evening. 
7-28-09 Petie Outside of Petie's house, Erik, Ray, Dave and Petie play a few week night games. Petie sinks in 4 during this no alcohol consumed match.
8-1-09 Ray Ray is the first to sign at the the Ruby 40th birthday party.  He and Dave H own the boards until Ray decides to give up and tank one against Petie and Brian Ford.  Ray later goes on to win his first tourney of the year with his new BF Jordan.
8-1-09 Jeff Jeff, desperate to be part of the Wheatland's club, sinks his first sanctioned 4 in the hole.
8-1-09 Petie Petie is the first to get 4 in a 2009 tournament.  Went on to win the match but lost to Ray in the final game.  Sadly, the Aurora PD, breaks up the 2nd bag tournament later in the night.
8-15-09 Dave H Dave finally gets the monkey off his back with his first 4 in the hole of 2009, during a solid night at bags at Rays.
8-22-09 Petie Petie gets 4 on Amy's 40th B-Day party.
9-11-09 Ray Nobody plays better drunk than Ray.  And he proved it by getting 4 in the hole wasted.
9-12-09 Petie Safe from the yapping Ray, Petie can concentrate on his own 4 in the hole that weekend.
11-6-09 Dave Dave signs out by the pond for his 2nd of the year.
11-14-09 Ray On the last night for bags of the year, Ray sinks his first of two, 4 baggers.
11-14-09 Sharky Sharky finally does it!!!  He joins the ranks of the 4 in the hole club.
11-14-09 Ray Ray finishes of the year with the last 4 in the hole.