So why is it called Sign The Box you say?

Simple, if any player gets all four of their bags in the hole in any given round, they get to sign the box in the location of their choice, no matter whose box it is.

2009 4 in the Hole Highlights

2008 4 in the Hole Highlights   

2010 Members

  Tournament Team Play with Hood Members Singles Match Total
Ray   6   6
Petie   3 1 4
Lou   2   2
Dave H   2   2
Elvis   1   1
Brandon 1     1
Kristy   1   1


Date Name Comments Pictures
4-10-10 Brandon Brandon got his first 4 in the hole in well over a year at the Bags to Wishes Tournament in Chicago.  Several baggers from the hood attended.  Brandon was not able to sign the box.
5-22-10 Ray Ray gets his first of the year, at Anthrax Mike's 30th birthday party.
5-22-10 Ray Ray follows up with another 4 in the hole later in the night.
5-22-10 Petie Petie gets his first of the year, and the race is on.
5-30-10 Ray Ray signs his first of three by the pond, then throws the marker in the drink.

ACA Section B. Pitcher's Box - The pitcher's box is the rectangle 4 ft by 3 ft at each end of the court, parallel and on both sides of Cornhole platforms. Each contestant must remain in the pitchers box while pitching the corn bag. LINK

5-30-10 Lou Sweet Lou starts a monster night of bagging with his first 4 in the hole of the year.
5-30-10 Lou Lou had many solid 4 in the hole chances.  For this one Petie sacrifices his own bag to help Lou get his 2nd 4 in the hole of the night.
5-30-10 Ray Ray does it again. And then takes a pee.
5-30-10 Ray Ray selfishly gets in his 3rd of the night after he had a chance to help another fellow bagger out with their own 4 in the hole, but declines by throwing his bag to the side.  WEAK!


6-19-10 Petie At Tya's graduation party, Petie scores a 4 in the hole in a singles match with Ray.  Elsewhere, Sharky pays $5 to get his picture taken with a ball gagged Eddie Money.
6-19-10 Dave During the Daves' beat down of Ray and Jerry, Hansen gets 4 in.  Eddie Money is then taken out of Mikey Moe's truck and brought to his basement where he currently remains. 
7-3-10 Ray Raymond gets his 6th of the year at the 3rd of July Party at Le Roux's.  Ray later cuts out early.... 
7-3-10 Elvis ELVIS LIVES!!!  He finally does it.  He gets his first ever 4 in the hole.  The police show up later to congratulate him. Welcome to the Club.
7-3-10 Petie Petie sinks 2 on a flyboy to get his own 4 in the hole of the night.  For some reason, Petie gets defamed on the bathroom wall....  WTF...
8-21-10 Kristy Kristy does it!  The first girl bagger recognized on this site to get 4 in the hole.  And it was for the WIN. Congrats Kristy!!!
8-21-10 Petie Later that night Petie gets 4 in as well.  But this night was about Kristy Seidel.
10-1-10 Dave Last of the year.